This 9 Type of Food That Never Expire

This 9 Type of Food That Never Expire

 Most of the food that you find in the market certainly has an expiration date. Before you buy, you always look at the expiration date in order to remain safe if consumed. But ever arise in your mind, is there a food that never stale or expired?
In addition to honey, it turns out there are some other foods that never grows old. As reported by the, Thursday (09/08/2016) The following are some foods that are considered never expires.

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PutihKarena high acidity vinegar, white vinegar inside botoh will never change. In addition as a mix for your dish, vinegar can also be used to remove the stain solution.
KerasWalaupun drinks you've got a bottle of whiskey a few years ago, you can still eat them. With records, you store it in a cool, dry place.
Extracts VaniliHanya original vanilla extract can make your food taste delicious. You need to know the things that make vanilla is always fragrant and fresh, the alcohol content in it.
KeringBukan beans canned beans, but dried beans. Nuts have protein content and high fiber which is very good for the body. You have to dry to last forever.
Coffee InstanHal that make instant coffee never expires is, the packaging is made of plastic. Unlike the milled beans in packs, instant coffee to stay awake and not humid. That's what kept him whenever you can consume.
BerasSimpanlah your white rice in a dry and not humid for longer durability. Remember, only the white rice that can survive long. Brown rice contain natural oils in it, causing brown rice rancid more quickly.
Salts or sodium chloride, is a naturally occurring mineral found in the earth. So not be a big surprise that this thing will never expire.
Special MaduEnzim contained in honey, were able to slow the growth of bacteria that cause decay. Keep your honey in a closed container to avoid crystallization process. However, if your honey hardens, simply place your bottle of honey in a container of warm water. That way your honey will melt back.
Sweets white or brown sugar will never rot because sugar does not promote bacterial growth therein. Although it does not rot you still have to keep sugar from being hardened like a rock.
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