Eliminate Acne Blemishes with Essential Oils


Eliminate Acne Blemishes with Essential Oils


Essential oils are usually used more as aromatherapy for relaxation and relieving stress. But it turns out its usefulness does not just get there. Because it is made from natural ingredients, essential oils can also be used for beauty treatments and overcome skin problems. Here are some ways to solve skin problems with essential oils, as quoted from Times Of India.


Acne Essential oils are natural oils, so they do not contain chemicals in them so they are safe for the skin. Some types of essential oils such as tea tree, grapefruit, rosewood and thyme are very nutritious skin care acne. Drop the essential oil on a cotton bud, then apply on acne, do it regularly every night until the pimples disappear.Noda Bekas JerawatJika acne scars have not been too long, you can eliminate it by applying lavender oil every morning and night on a regular basis. The result, acne blemishes will be thinning. Blackheads Black coral, or commonly called blackheads arise due to pollution and buildup of dirt that clog the skin pores. Clean blackheads with essential oils such as thymus vulgaris, coriander, peppermint and lemongrass. Dry Skin Mix rose and orange oil to moisturize your dry, flaky skin. You can also use a mixture of Chamomile oil, Geranium, Angelica and Marjoram (a kind of spice from the Mediterranean region) to massage to keep skin smooth, moist and fragrant.What are the benefits of other essential oils? Know through the article below: Various and Efficacy Treatment Aroma Therapy Natural Material That Can Eliminate Ex-Acne Increase Passion With Essential Oils (hst / hst)



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